Services rates

Each translation order is executed after a prior customized quotation that takes into account the nature of the project, services requested, the deadline…

  • Translation services are usually based on the number of source words (english).
  • Proofreading and correction services are based on translated words (french) or hourly rate.
  • Localization services are based on the number of source words or subject to a fixed price invoicing depending on the project size.

Translated documents are transmitted to the client after being proofread and edited by myself and a qualified colleague for global projects, which guarantees a high quality work.

For exceptional requests including evening / night or weekend work, short time delivery or decoding of the source document (scanned version, low quality, fax, handwritten source…), prices can be subject to a surcharge.

Payment methods

Following payment methods are accepted: bank transfer, Paypal or credit card by Paypal.

If a foreign currency is favoured by the client, the latter will take the conversion fees at his own expense. The quotation sent before beginning the translation will include these fees.

Payment term

Unless otherwise specified, the client will proceed to checkout on the date of invoice.


Orders by individuals shall be paid in advance by bank transfer or Paypal.