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Specialized technical translation from English into French

3 million+ words translated, reviewed and written in the last five years!

Save time by outsourcing your translations, revisions and content creations to an experienced French professional translator and writer who knows the local market and your field of activity, and who will propose you quality work, customized services, as well as a trust-based collaboration and communication.

Fields of expertise

Environment, ecology

Translation of documents on current and future environmental issues, climate change, sustainable development, renewable energies, urban planning, soft mobility, ecology, nature conservation, agriculture and forestry. Official European documentation in the field of the environment.

Leisure: sports, travel

Technical and commercial documentation, marketing content on various sports, sports equipment and sports practices: cycling, bikepacking, hiking, backpacking, trail running, running, skiing, recreational electric vehicules, camping, nomadic travel, vanlife…

Industry, export and international trade

Translation of technical documents in the energy industry, the wood industry, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the fields of export, international trade and transport, as well as business-to-business relations.

IT, websites and localization

Hardware, software, marketing and websites translation, stores or non-profit web pages, user guides and manuals, IT related documentations.

Food, recipes and nutrition – Ethics

Recipe translation, specialising in plant-based cooking, the food industry and nutrition (healthy eating, organic products, plants, nutritional advice for a vegan lifestyle).

The defence of human and animal rights and respect for all life on earth goes hand in hand with the protection of the planet, its ecosystems and the future of human beings.

Interior design and landscaping, handiwork/do-it-yourself, gardening

Materials and tools for interior and exterior work, do-it-yourself, flooring, living room renovation, furniture, permaculture, gardening, planting, garden design, vans.