Technical translation from English into French

Experienced professional translator, I translate your technical documentation from English into French for the French market in the fields of Environment, IT, Industry, Food and Leisure.

Learn more about the my specialties on the Fields of expertise page.

Do you need your brand documentation to be translated or adapt your English contents for your French subsidiary or activity?

Do you target the French market, aim to develop your offer and reach your clients effectively in their own language?

Do you need to translate some documents in French as part of a study, the use of a product/material, for an equipment, a menu, a catalogue, or any other technical document?

Do you need to localize your website, software, user manual, communication supports for France?

I propose you my expertise in French applied to your domain.

Save time by outsourcing your translation tasks, call in a French professional translator and benefit from quality standards, customized services as well as a trust-based collaboration and communication.

Explore the services I provide, my fields of expertise and some translation examples.

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Translation services

Freelance technical translator from English into French

Services :

  • Translation, post-edition

I provide translation and post-edition services from English (US and UK) into French (France), my mother tongue. I can use a CAT tool if the source text is adapted, in accordance with the profession practices, the French language rules, the type of source document, its author, style, target audience and message.

  • Revision and proofreading

Revision of texts translated in French in order to validate the accuracy, respect of terminology, style, spelling and grammar, typography and syntax (sentence structures), sentence by sentence, in comparison to the source text.

Proofreading of texts already in French in order to correct spelling, grammar, typography and syntax, without systematic comparison with a source text.

  • Localization

Website, software, manual, user guide translation, SEO, referencing, from English to French, according to the client’s file format and needs, for adaptation to French culture and practices.

I propose my translation services to agencies and private/direct entities, working with rigor, efficiency, organization and creativity.

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Fields of expertise

Environment, ecology

Present and future environmental matters, global warming, renewable energies, sustainable development, urbanism, green mobility, ecology, nature preservation, agriculture and forestry. Official European documentation in the field of the environment.

IT, computing, websites and localization

Hardware, software and marketing, websites translation, merchant stores or non-profit web pages, user guides and manuals, IT related documentations.

Industry, exportation and international trade

Quality, Security and Environmental aspects of nuclear industry (piping products), rules and regulations, standards, methods, materials, end products, pharmaceutical industry (molecule production and purification systems), goods transportation and international transactions, means of transport and small and medium commercial relationships.

Food, recipes and nutrition

Recipes translation, in particular vegan diet, vegetables, food industry, healthy diet, organic products, nutrition advices in a vegan lifestyle.


Defending human and animal rights and respecting any life on earth is closely related to the protection of our planet, its ecosystem and the future of human beings.

Interior design and landscaping, handiwork/do-it-yourself, gardening

Materials and tools for interior and outdoor works, handiwork, covering layings, restoration work of houses, furniture, permaculture, gardening and plantings, garden landscaping, van conversion, tiny houses and all about campervans.

Leisure: sport, travels, music and instruments

Technical and commercial documentation on various sports, sports equipment and practices, such as cycling, hiking, bicycle travel, PEVs. Tourist content/guides, description of travel offers, tour operators documentation, websites. Musical instruments (strings), the process of learning music, theory and practice, but also about the universe surrounding musicians (heavy metal, rock, blues, classical music), promotion of albums, material and accessories sale, press articles, performances…

Document formatting

I provide translated documents with full formatting, according to the client’s source document. My expertise in that field enables me to take extra care of the final text, for any type of application, thanks to a perfect mastery of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation programs, but also DTP, image treatment, vectorial drawing software for your company logos, presentation leaflets and flyers…

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Each contract is deeply discussed with the client in order to satisfy his expectations and provide translations of the highest quality.

A good communication is the start point of any contract, enabling me to identify specific needs and to adapt my offer from the beginning to the end and even after the completion of a project.

Technical resources

I work with Microsoft Windows and Linux, using office suites Microsoft Office 2019 and LibreOffice. This way, I can handle any type of source document in many forms :

  • word processing
  • spreadsheet
  • presentation
  • pdf
  • posters (InDesign, Scribus)
  • images (The Gimp, Inkscape)
  • HTML
  • web sites

I use CAT tools (SDL Trados Studio 2019, OmegaT, client’s tools) when possible, that ensure an efficient and faster work, with translation memories and a specific glossary, and provide perfectly accurate translated documents.

Data security

The documents given by clients and related data are securely stored and benefit from a daily backup, respecting the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

My company’s professional computers are equipped with encrypted hard drives, in order to ensure the confidentiality of the data and prevent any risk of diffusion.

Documents transmitted by clients are at no time sent to or stored on online file storage platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.

The retention period of the client’s documents respects the agreement signed with the later.

So, when you entrust your project to me, you are ensured that your documents and data are safe and of the respect of their confidentiality all along.

The risk of work data loss is limited to a minimum during the realization of my translations, this really highly reduces the potential delays due to computer failure.

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About me

After 15 years of work in nuclear and pharmaceutical industry, exportation and IT services which enabled me to acquire a strong knowledge in the fields of computing (hardware, software, applications, security, network), creation and management of websites, quality, security and environment, international trade and communication with customers, suppliers and end users, I work as a freelance translator since 2017.

Indeed, my different positions in companies as :

  • IT manager (internal hardware/software, telephony, printing solutions, user support, supply orders Dell, HP and others),
  • Executive assistant for QSHE and Large Projects departments in nuclear industry (piping solutions),
  • Online stores manager (pet and bio products),
  • Technical assistant in gas power services,
  • Account manager in IT (IBM and HP products, maintenance services),
  • International after sales assistant in pharmaceutical industry (purification technologies),
  • Sales management assistant in paper and carton manufacturing industry (self-adhesive products),

have strengthened my quality culture, my technical knowledge in various fields and my adaptability, showing curiosity and rigour in each activity. These experiences support my translation exercise with one main goal : the client’s satisfaction and optimal quality.

I am also deeply concerned by environmental matters, I have developed a wide culture in the fields of ecology, sustainable development, ecosystems preservation, fight against global warming, animal and plant species protection by researches, readings, personal actions and state of mind.

In terms of environment, I am interested in efficient ways to preserve our planet and lower greenhouse gas emissions. For example, industrial scale animal husbandry is the first factor of gas emissions, before transports and industry, we can thus easily understand that farming must be taken into account as seriously as other major pollutants.

Thanks to my varied experiences and trainings, in particular in technical translation, the mastery and knowledge of these fields, I am able to offer high quality translation services to agencies, companies and individuals.

Diplomas :

  • Master’s degree in Technical translation (CI3M, trainer D. GOUADEC)
  • Three-year university degree in Export management of small and medium companies (Nancy 2 university)
  • Two-year university degree in Economics and management (Louis Pasteur university, Strasbourg)
  • High-school degree in Economics and social (Jean de Pange high school, Sarreguemines)

Training courses attended :

  • Energy Transition, proposed by IFP School
    • Renewables for electricity generation in a carbon constrained world
    • Underground resources: geothermal power and natural gas
    • Underground CO2 storage and energy storage
    • Energy efficiency in processes, biofuels, bio sourced chemicals
  • Towards the environmental performance of food products, proposed by ADEME
    • The challenges of ecodesign
    • Tools and methods for conducting an ecodesign approach
    • Implementing an ecodesign project
    • The keys to success of an ecodesign approach
  • Climate change and health : prevent, treat and adapt, proposed by INSPQ
    • Health impacts of climate change : deaths by traumatic and non-traumatic causes
    • Cardiovascular, respiratory and renal impacts
    • Neurological, mental health and psychosocial impacts
    • Water and food impacts, insect, tick and animal impacts, ultraviolet radiation impacts
    • Perinatal health effects, water and food stress and cumulative effects
  • Sustainable cities and territories, proposed by ADEME and CNFPT
    • Sustainable urbanism, what exactly is it about ?
    • How to include sustainability in planning and development projects ?
    • Which topics will arise in the future cities and territories ?
  • Irrigation techniques, proposed by the University of Liège
    • Why irrigate and what are the consequences?
    • Three interacting spheres: the plant, the soil and the water
    • Irrigation since the beginning of time – gravity irrigation
    • Pressure system: sprinkler irrigation
    • Irrigate without wasting: micro irrigation
    • Which irrigation for what situation?
  • Sustainable Development Goals
    • A common vision of humanity’s future
    • One agenda for all countries and all sectors
    • A challenge for public action
    • Stakeholders appropriate the SDG
  • CSR & Agribusiness, proposed by the agricultural cooperation
    • Strategy and governance
    • Economy and territory
    • Environment
    • Social
  • Stakeholders, levers, tools to lead the transitions of the food system, proposed by CNFPT

    • The food issue on the agenda of local governments: why? What challenges?
    • Conditions for a territorial approach to the food system: behind the diversity of initiatives, common questions to change the system
    • Zoom “Food and local authorities”
    • Methods and tools to initiate a food transition process
  • Agroecology, proposed by Montpellier SupAgro
    • The emergence of Agroecology
    • The different approaches to Agroecology
    • Implementation in “Market gardening”
    • Implementation in “Agroforestry”
    • Implementation in “Breeding”
    • Implementation in “Associated cultures”
    • The agroecological transition