About me

After 15 years of work in nuclear and pharmaceutical industry, exportation and IT services, I have acquired a strong knowledge in quality, security and environment, international trade, computer hardware and software, creation and management of websites and communication with customers, suppliers and end users.

Indeed, my different positions in companies as

  • IT manager,
  • Executive assistant for QSHE department in nuclear industry,
  • Online store manager,
  • Technical assistant in power services,
  • Account manager in IT,
  • International after sales assistant,

have forged my quality culture, my rigour, my technical knowledge in various fields, my curiosity and adaptability. These experiences support my translation activity with one main goal : the client’s satisfaction and optimal quality.

Simultaneously, I am also deeply concerned by environmental matters, I have developed a wide culture in the field of ecology, sustainable development, ecosystems preservation, fight against global warming, animal and plant species protection by researches, readings, personal actions and state of mind.

Ideologically close to environment, veganism is an efficient way to preserve our planet and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Animal husbandry on the planet scale is the first factor of gas emissions, before transports and industry, we can thus easily understand that farming must be taken into account as seriously as other major pollutants.

Since many years I examine the actions, communications and information of international and french animal protection groups, which enables me to know their communication habits, vocabulary, style… quite well.

Thanks to these varied experiences and trainings, in particular in technical translation, the mastery and knowledge of these fields, I am able to offer high quality translation services to agencies, companies and individuals.


  • Master’s degree in Technical translation (CI3M, trainer D. GOUADEC)
  • Three-year university degree in Export management of small and medium companies (Nancy 2 university)
  • Two-year university degree in Economics and management (Louis Pasteur university, Strasbourg)
  • High-school degree in Economics and social (Jean de Pange high school, Sarreguemines)