Translation examples

In this section you will find some examples of translations on my fields of expertise. These texts offer an overview of my specialties with articles, documentations, recipes… The sources are mentioned at the end of the pages.

I have achieved translation services in the following fields in particular :

  • IT, web : data management solution across platforms, course on a JavaScript framework, review of documentation for a virtualization solutions provider, AWS Web services, home automation system, user instructions for hardware and software use, GPU, electronics, WiFi access points/connectivity, artificial intelligence “Deep learning”, website translation, projector calibration, Amazon product sheets, website/touristic information for an airline company, articles about purchase-to-pay, smart refrigerator maintenance, smartphone assembly tutorial
  • Industry : preparation of a security meeting for managers, safety rules, industrial cleaning equipment, carwash equipment installation, wind power, failure rates – reliability prediction, translation industry and patent translation analysis, technical description of the primary loop in a nuclear plant, supply chain for beverages components, workwear
  • Environment : expert report/technical assessment of cities for the European Green Capital Award, climate change impacts and vulnerabilities, soil texture and erosion, permaculture, tree species
  • Marketing : documentation on digital risk, sales card for client IT systems for distributors, marketing content for the website of an international technology company selling high tech equipments and electronics, for an antivirus editor, for a remote user support software, for a digital camera
  • Food : liquid fertilization system setting manual, extrusion cooking in food and cereals, fruits and vegetables crops harvest, recipes, food supplements, cookbook
  • Ethics : why go vegan ?
  • DIY, hobbies : woodwork, gardening, van conversion, green roof, Amazon product sheets
  • Health : breast implants and related risks, cholesterol reduction
  • Other : company presentation, HR politic for a video support, press article from The Guardian, career development (ISFP and INFP), managing the translation and localization, training material for field interviewers, training material for supervisors in a transportation company.

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