Translation services

Freelance technical translator from English into French

Services :

  • Translation, post-edition

I provide translation and post-edition services from English (US and UK) into French (France), my mother tongue. I can use a CAT tool if the source text is adapted, in accordance with the profession practices, the French language rules, the type of source document, its author, style, target audience and message.

  • Revision and proofreading

Revision of texts translated in French in order to validate the accuracy, respect of terminology, style, spelling and grammar, typography and syntax (sentence structures), sentence by sentence, in comparison to the source text.

Proofreading of texts already in French in order to correct spelling, grammar, typography and syntax, without systematic comparison with a source text.

  • Localization

Website, software, manual, user guide translation, SEO, referencing, from English to French, according to the client’s file format and needs, for adaptation to French culture and practices.

I propose my translation services to agencies and private/direct entities, working with rigor, efficiency, organization and creativity.

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